Tuesday, May 4, 2010

make mine madness

Excuse the long delays between Posts.. I will try my best to keep it more updated from now on. Funny what happens when you are painting something and then a bunch of ink falls on it. Here I was planning some Rocketo drawing and a bunch of sumi ink spilled over and covered a good part of the page.. well, good things like that cant be ignored! One must be bold and change direction!! So from Rocketo came out the Incredible Hulk! I pushed the ink all over the page and then came at it with some Gamma green. Well the energy must have kept going, because I played around with Spidey and some of his great bad guys. The great thing about those early designs is that one can be so bold, and play around with these wonderful giant shapes, very graphic styling in those early days of comics. Comics for comics sake.
Just looking at that great Spidey cover where he fights Electro got me thinking, of doing my own zany version. I figured from now on its a good experiment to find those old classic cover and paint them in a crazy fun way.
BTW. One of my favorite costume is the old Phantom. I love how graphic he looks, I saw the trailer for the new Phantom television mess of a show, and there is a line where the kid, looks at the suit and says he will not wear that. Funny, how the makers of that show think they are better than the material. You would think they would want to do something different, graphic, bold.. naw... lets give him a black hood thing. What a waste. Anyway back to work. Real men wear purple in the Jungle.
Best to all of you.


  1. Holy cow, man! That's crazy great work.

    Are you planning on releasing a sketchbook at some point, because I know I'd buy one for myself and three for gifts if you did.

  2. This stuff is SO COOL!!! Man, you should at LEAST do a variant cover for Marvel sometime. Oh, if you don't have room for any of these "character study" pieces by all means, let me know! :)

  3. Phantom! You did Phantom!!! Thanks, Frank! :)

    You know, what a great homage painting would be?
    Rocketo finding the Skull Cave in the Jungle!

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