Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still around just being a monkey

Sorry about the long delay between blogs, I will try to keep move it a much faster.
One of the reasons is I am deep in working on Vol 2 The NEW WORLD. Writing, drawing, painting, its all one giant jumble right now, now and then I stop and say, hell I should post this.. but then I would be ruining some of the surprise of reading the actual book for you guys.
So I pick and choose very carefully.
Here are some rough sketches, that give you a sense of my insane storytelling. I basically lay it out in these small thumbnails, usually a couple of versions of the same scene. By doing multiple versions I can pick and choose from the scene which part I can start in and end with. After that stage I do a page layout, that I will post later, so you guys can see how it all comes together on the page. I have block out in white some of the notes I make around the images, only for trying to keep the story fresh for you guys, when you read it.
I threw in some of the color work that is going along, not yet all finished, lines have to be added here and there, colors have to be a bit corrected, but right now I am moving on, I will do all the corrections in one or two days, after the book is all painted, that way I can hopefully catch everything with a fresh eye.
Again sorry about the delay.
Best to you all!