Friday, August 20, 2010


Onward.. onward.. moving through book 2.. Last night I hit a snag and the page I was preparing just did not go well.. Basically I was stretching the paper and it sort of fell apart! I had finished the page before this one and thought I could squeeze in another, just goes to show you a clear head saves paper..

So today I gave it another try, like I have any other choice.
This afternoon I started painting the page, and took a couple of snapshots of some of the process.

The scene..
Lunaripal, the empty city of the Solarium Men..
Doc Blast's brother shows him the wonders of living inside the Universe of energy.. he asks Doc to join him and the rest of his family..
Doc considers it but turns him down.. The Brother telling Doc how much he loves him, begs him to reconsider..
Then a telepathic transmission from Rocketo summons Doc Blast to an emergency meeting..
Doc tells his brother he can't join him, while brother disappears into the eternity of space time..

And now to lay out tomorrows page and start the process again.
Best to all!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A quick sketch

Still on book 2, and had to design some aero gunner that play an important role in keeping Rocketo and his men on their feet. In the Lucernian navy there is this insane pilot that for some reason wants to fly in something as crazy as that, I guess he keeps himself happy by blasting away anything that moves. The thinking was to make it look like some horrific giant fly, the type that hang around in NYC in the summer time.
Back to work. The great little thing about quick little doodles like this is that it frees you up before you work on the page, I liked doing the background for it with a piece of paper towel dipped into the paint and just rubbed in. Quick and dirty but it gets the feeling down and softens up the background.

Best to all.
Tune in later in the week for more stuff.

Monday, August 9, 2010

BOOK 2 panels

So we are into Book 2 now, moving right along as they say. Had a bit of a snag these last couple of days. I ran out of paper and so did the art store, and the online store all at the same time. The perfect storm of paper loss. Left me no choice but to buy a Bristol pad and cut it down to size, while I wait for the paper to come in later this week.
The good news is that I got some nice watercolor paper that will be fun to paint on, for a nice cover or a double page spread.
I been experimenting with tearing up rice paper and painting it into the pages, to give it some textures here and there, here is one of the panels I worked it in.

Funny the panel is a recreation of a scene that happened in Book 1, and it was fun to see it in full color as the scene in the book is all in one color. Naturally Rocketo is having a flash back to that important scene with the Ull.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Back to work.

BOOK 2 panels