Friday, March 6, 2009


Yeah I know, more painting stuff.. more ideas, more thinking.
 Pushing again.. 
 Yep, it takes a while for me to put things down.. I slow down then, move through it quick. There was a time when people would wait until books would come out, or films, or novels, the audience, the fans gave time for creators to think about things before they knocked stuff out. 
 I like to explore all the avenues, for me this is the way I make the world come alive, testing and testing, most important for me, is learning. What do I get out of it? A better understanding of my craft and something new has been learned along the way. It would be easy for me to knock out the next book in the same style as before, no worries and everyone is happy.
What have I learned from that? What do I take with me?  
 So I paint and learn, and push that envelope.. I am not at Warner Bros. anymore. 
Best to all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry about not putting up some stuff in a while, things just got a bit wild. On one end the NEW WORLD pages are coming off a good nice good clip, although on the other hand,.. on the other hand, I am thinking of painting this sucker by hand. Between pages, I like to get some concept work done, small little things, that make me think ahead visually to were I am going to go. This time, during a break, those concept sketches started to really point the way into a new direction color wise. There are things that a brush can do, that computers just can't get to yet. Its a nice thought actually, that a thousand year old invention some hair and a stick can still kick the crap out of the digital age. Wet meets dry. Opaque meets transparent. The brush opens up at the last minute. Something happens that one could never plan.
Things happen on that painted page, that is magic to me. So here is a vote, how many of you would like to see a painted version of Rocketo?
I started with some concept work for climax of one of the books.
Trying to get a feel for how our technology would look in the future, a future that has had to reinvent itself along a different philosophy, it would be closer to magic, their machines would be more like idols. One of the bad guys, has reached a machine that is part living organism, part dimensional gateway.

Here are some concepts for Lucerne, the land that rules the world. My original thinking was to have a city that was so lovely, so beautiful to look at that it would dazzle the eyes. The buildings would resemble giant trees, acorns, floating gardens, a sort of fake natural world,
to make its citizens happy and proud, so they can ignore the horror that Lucerne does around the planet. That big green Acorn is the King's palace, a super large city in its own right.
Back to the drawing board.

Best to all of you.