Friday, October 7, 2011


What a week. Everything just came down to four days. Four days of nonstop painting.
So finally the first book is all finished, and I will be scanning the pages next week.
Now I can play around a bit, get back to some Rocketo stuff, and put up some more stuff for this blog.

Here are two pieces I did for the Kirby show, in N.J tomorrow.. I need to take some really good digital shots of them, hopefully before they sell. Although right now the Cap one might not be going up for sale. It just hits the right spot with me. Blasted paintings, how did artists ever get rid of their work? I do a sketch and I cry when it leaves my hand.

The tribute to Jack is special to me, he is one of those artists that not only was a creative genius, but really pushed the enveloped into fine art with his own work. In a way that is why I wanted to take a much different approach. I actually want to do two more pieces that are even more abstract. Who knows, maybe next week.

The Cap piece is titled Classic Colors, I was thinking of those old Marvel comics I own, with all those yellows and gray and greens..
The other piece is called, The Four will save us.. actually I wanted to call it Negative zone superblaam punchout.. maybe I can still work that in.

Anyway letting go of the work should be part of the process, but its a hard one to learn, this is why I rarely sell my work, or even do commissions. I fall in love with the pieces.
Not the art itself, but what that piece taught me.

Well, things are slowly heading back to normal and for the next couple of days I am off in the New World of Rocketo.
Have a great weekend!