Saturday, July 31, 2010


The first book of the New World was finished on Weds so before I start on book 2 on Monday, I am taking a bit of time to do a little play project I had in my head for a while. I been meaning to do a series of Rocketo Triptychs, and here is the first one.

The plan is to do a Triptych or a poster every time I finish a book, so there should be twelve in all with the New World story as a glue that will hold them together. It should be fun and they will all be original pieces one of a kind to sell.

The Triptych is all hand made, the wood is cut by hand, prepared for painting and then the fun begins.
The piece is on wood and is 25 by 5.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day by day..

So here I am again, three hundred pages to go, not counting covers and a couple of posters here and there for promotions... one day at a time. Reminds me of running a blasted marathon. Its important for artist to keep themselves healthy at some level, we get so used to sitting around for hours, painting, sculpting, drawing, composing, that we do not see our weight slowly creeping up on us.. the heart machine slowly about to go kaput.
I always been a bit of a runner, and these days I run just to keep the mind from going insane from the thought of having a couple of hundred pages, to ink, paint, color, and write. The run does me good, it reminds me that one step at a time and it all adds up. It's the same with animation, and I mean animation from the old school days, when one had to draw one frame at a time.
Marathon running.
That is all it is. Storytelling and art is Marathon running.. exhausting down the prey, so that it can be consumed for others. Not that I am any hunter mind you I just thought the metaphor was fun.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all posted a bit every day, little journal as pages are made, all three hundred of them.
Some pages have very tight story structure to them, others just pop up. its part of the fun of having your own project.

Here from rough storyboard, you can see the ideas being put down, no editing at this point, just pure idea work letting it all come out from the mind to the page.
The next step is to try to get it down in some sort of manner relating to time, rhythm,emotion, or action.. This part is the part that is going to show.. You can see I went off in many directions here, and one can get lost forever. But its called editing. So its good to stop at some point. You can see it was all a bunch of little panels before it opened up to a double page spread.
After that a value study, or a small color rough will get me on my way not to tight I want to figure some stuff out while working on the page, it helps.. so I don't get bored.
Then the final page.
One page a day and in this case a double page spread, but a couple of hundred more to go.
Hope you enjoy the journey.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Excuse the long delay been busy these days. Here are some pages from the New World. In the coming days I will be posting a couple of more. The painting has officially started and now I am trying to paint one page or more a day for a while until at least four or five books are finished, and then off they go to the publisher.
Its about time right.

Enjoy and best to all of you.