Wednesday, December 7, 2011

high tech finger paints

I been playing around with the Iphone a bit these days. My computer was having its DVD drive repaired, so I had a bit of time to draw with the phone. Strange, to draw with the phone.. Dick Tracy himself could not have predicted that one.
So I got a bunch of drawing Apps and thought I would put each through its paces for a while. Each application has its strong points and its weak, and I should go over in detail each one, but what can one expect for a buck or two? The Rocketo and Luna Lake and the old man, drawings were done with Sketchbook mobile, its a nice app. Great brushes, and very nice control over the layers and colors, although going back and forth between brushes and color is a bit hard on the fingers. I did not do any tight drawings with this program but one can basically draw as tight and as loose as you desire. Its a nice app to play with, again my only complaint is the back and forth, it would be nice to have a more organic way to pick colors and brushes.

The other drawings, that have that charcoal feel are doing with the Sketji app.
Its a great app for those quick and tumble sketches, sadly... no zoom feature, so you can draw anything with any real detail, its all big giant strokes, but the strokes are organic and lovely to look at.

Anyway enjoy everyone and have a great day, back to my Image book.