Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So I was saying...

 Its been so long, I think I forgot how to do this. Lets see... Push a button here, and bang, instant art comes out. Nice. I think I can get to like this computer thing. Excuse the long delay, lots of stuff going on.
 I cant believe some of you are still following this insane blog. Thank you, I really appreciate that. Its nice to come back to the old homestead and see the family is still around.
Now its time to try to get to that magical Rocketo finish line that keeps moving backward every time I get within feet of it. 
 I did these small sketches to just play around and also to put something up besides comic pages. Some of these  small quick sketches point the way to styles that will wind up in the coming books.  
 Here are some cover ideas for Book 1 of the New World. 
   I want to get some strange feel with the Art, is this struggle to get the know and the unknown down at the same time. 
 Again excuse the long delay.
 My best to you all!