Saturday, July 31, 2010


The first book of the New World was finished on Weds so before I start on book 2 on Monday, I am taking a bit of time to do a little play project I had in my head for a while. I been meaning to do a series of Rocketo Triptychs, and here is the first one.

The plan is to do a Triptych or a poster every time I finish a book, so there should be twelve in all with the New World story as a glue that will hold them together. It should be fun and they will all be original pieces one of a kind to sell.

The Triptych is all hand made, the wood is cut by hand, prepared for painting and then the fun begins.
The piece is on wood and is 25 by 5.


  1. Whoa... that's fantastic! And it's great to hear that book 1 is done! WOOHOO!!!

  2. Rocketo returns?!? Hooray!!

    I love the triptychs.


  3. Dear Frank,

    Would you actually sell this one ?
    If so, how much would you want for it ?

    Because I'm seriously putting an option on this one.