Monday, June 6, 2011

Still around and kicking hard

Anyway like I was saying...
Hello everyone it has been awhile and lots of stuff has happened and even more stuff has not happened. This is what happens when a bloke quits smoking.. he eventually goes mad. The good news is that I run like an old Lion, been logging in those miles at the track and finally the breathing and the legs are starting to come back. Anyway that would be some blog for a future time.

Speaking of the future, Rocketo is back on track and so is another little series that I have been doing some work for. I am posting some sketches that I played with and had some fun. Takes place in NYC, but unlike a NYC that we have seen in comics. Right now the title is The Belukha but I might go for the Ghost Whale later on.
So now the summer is here and those wonderful greens have come back and I feel like its time to hit the road and paint a bit of sunshine on the canvas or in the sketch book.
By the way if anyone ever needs illustration work done for children's books or comics let me know. I am available. I guess I should make a big post out of that later in the week. One of my big dreams is to do a bunch of children's books.

Best to all and sorry about that long gap in time, which I could have said I was kidnapped by Aliens or something but the truth is much more mundane, sad, with a touch of gray. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Whew! I was getting worried there. Last week I reread Rocketo Vol 2, and was praying that I'd get another volume one day. I hope you do get to some kid's books, I have a nephew that just turned 1. Got to see that he's raised on the good stuff.

    Glad everything is going well. Always a great thing to see new sketches from you.

  2. thank you so much Kyle and dont worry I am working hard on Rocketo trying to make the next journey much more fun and exciting than the first.
    Thank you for your support. You know how art is, work and then the comics is play.
    Congrats on the nephew.

  3. I love the lush park scene. So glad to see the creative juices flowing!

  4. Frank: Glad to see you back on the creative horse. We'll be here, however long it takes, sir. :)))

  5. Its just great to see you back :)

  6. Great indeed to see you back and kicking hard!

  7. Thank you Mike, and Czek. Its been a while, things get to the point you forget you have a blog. Actually its a great way for me to connect with the artist out there. So please feel free to start conversations, ask questions and share the stuff you all like. Thank you both for the support.

  8. Great to see you back=) I finally got Hidden Sea volume 2 (was really hard to find!) and stayed up last night reading the whole journey!
    Rocketo is one of the best comics i had ever read, filled with so much sense of wonder! After i closed the book, i really felt grateful you did it. I keep endorsing it to whoever asks me for a really good comic book!