Monday, July 11, 2011

more stuff, less stuff.

Excuse the long break, been working on a project for Image comics with a friend of mine, that will hopefully be made public soon. No.. not Rocketo. There will hopefully be some news on Rocketo very soon. In the meantime, here are some small concepts for Rocketo Journey to the New World coming soon posters, and a shot of young spiro walking the crowded streets of Ehophat, looking for something to eat, as a silent man walks by.
Best to all of you.


  1. WORK FASTER, FRANK! We're still out here jonesing for some more Rocketo goodness!


    (Miss ya, chief! I've been geeking out on Disney's upcoming take on JOHN CARTER OF MARS and dying to hear your take on it all!)

  2. WOW Frank! This new batch of images is literally mind blowing!

  3. Geoff!! Now that the John Carter teaser is out we have a glimpse of this thing at last. I will write up about it soon. Hope you are doing well and it is so good to hear from you.
    Mr. UgoM thank you hopefully when I blow these little guys up I can keep some of that crazy energy. But it is moving at a nice steady pace now. Thing is working on not just one Rocketo book but the entire series so that the continuity fits together as a single big sci fi novel.
    Off to the races gentlemen!
    Enjoy your weekends.

  4. Looks great! But it is sad to think I will not be reading comics by the time this is published. Hopefully a new generation will... in the year 2020