Friday, October 7, 2011


What a week. Everything just came down to four days. Four days of nonstop painting.
So finally the first book is all finished, and I will be scanning the pages next week.
Now I can play around a bit, get back to some Rocketo stuff, and put up some more stuff for this blog.

Here are two pieces I did for the Kirby show, in N.J tomorrow.. I need to take some really good digital shots of them, hopefully before they sell. Although right now the Cap one might not be going up for sale. It just hits the right spot with me. Blasted paintings, how did artists ever get rid of their work? I do a sketch and I cry when it leaves my hand.

The tribute to Jack is special to me, he is one of those artists that not only was a creative genius, but really pushed the enveloped into fine art with his own work. In a way that is why I wanted to take a much different approach. I actually want to do two more pieces that are even more abstract. Who knows, maybe next week.

The Cap piece is titled Classic Colors, I was thinking of those old Marvel comics I own, with all those yellows and gray and greens..
The other piece is called, The Four will save us.. actually I wanted to call it Negative zone superblaam punchout.. maybe I can still work that in.

Anyway letting go of the work should be part of the process, but its a hard one to learn, this is why I rarely sell my work, or even do commissions. I fall in love with the pieces.
Not the art itself, but what that piece taught me.

Well, things are slowly heading back to normal and for the next couple of days I am off in the New World of Rocketo.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Been a fan since I picked up the first Rocketo trade around the Christmas of 08.

    Mr. Espinosa, I just wanted to say that the Kirby tribute piece is amazing. It shows the influence of Kirby without supplanting your own style. Plus, after seeing Kirby's "Dream Machine" painting I have a fondness for Kirby inspired art that goes for a more surreal or abstract approach.

    Things like this really make me wish I had the time (patience) to take up painting. I used to draw often as a kid, but save for an art class or two back in '07 I don't draw much anymore.

    Do you have advice for someone like me, with minimal artistic experience and no experience with painting? Where to start, best medium for a beginner, etc? Anything would be appreciated.

  2. Hola Elwood.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put down your thoughts.
    From Lurker to Poster with just a couple of keyboard strokes. Ain't life grand.
    Elwood my medium right now is Acrylics, it dries really fast but you will learn to use that in your favor. Gouache is also a good medium to start with. But Acrylics is less chalky.
    This is why I picked those two... Oils are fantastic, but take forever to dry, and if not careful will cause some damage to you. Oils is basically Photoshop 10 or whatever number they are up to these days. Its nice and cool to play with but I would not suggest starting with it.
    Watercolors, I dare say is the medium for the masters. Leave it alone for a while, or until you get a handle on the Acrylic paint.
    I would go with the Acrylic paint. Windsor and Newton makes a nice fine paint, Golden is nice and cheap and still works.. I like getting the tube paste, so I can mix it anyway I like.
    I would suggest starting out in black and white and gray. Do lots of tonal stuff, and then bring in the colors. Study it. Play with it, and have fun. I could write a blog on this, and maybe I will at some point.
    This is what I did in theory.
    1. Start small. so you can control the painting.
    2. Do lots of black and white and gray compositions.
    3. Learn your color wheel and your colors. This really pays off.
    4. Do it. Even if you pay for a class in the long run, you still have to paint a painting. So save your instructor dough, and buy paints.
    5. Give yourself time.
    6. Study the other painters, and I mean artist that might not have drawn comics. Picasso, Matisse, I love Whistler.. his stuff is crazy abstract.
    There you, Elwood.
    I will write more about this in depth later.
    Thanks for Posting, I should have a first time poster prize..

  3. Hey Frank,

    I'd hold onto Cap too... Nice.

    Get your a$$ back on Rocketo, my friend. I've got a granddaughter who needs and loves GOOD comics to read that won't insult her intelligence!

    Hope all is well out your way, sir...


  4. The Four Will Save Us is wonderful! I dropped right into it as a thumbnail image on the page and got even more lost once I clicked it bigger.
    Really wonderful stuff.

  5. Wayne,
    Good to hear from you! My ass belongs to Mr. Glen Brusnwick for the next couple of months, after that. I promise all of you. Its all Rocketo all the way.
    How are you? Write more..
    Mr. Honolulu Thank you so much for your comments, bro. means a lot. It was a crazy piece! LOL.

  6. Thank you so significantly for your personal decent suggestion.I am going to give it a have a go with.

  7. I'm a late comer to your work. I just decided one day to order the first 2 Rocketo books and read them in one sitting. I'm absolutely in love with it and can't wait for more.

    I had been going more digital with my cartooning but your books inspired me to go out and buy more bristol board, ink, and brushes and not completely give up on traditional art.

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