Thursday, June 7, 2012

A quick homage in the wrong medium

Acrylics is really the medium for a Clifford Geary illustration, even though many of his illustrations aren't really painted, but to capture that flat abstract sense, Acrylics would be my choice. Then again I am working with oils on Frankenstein and was to lazy to break out all the Acrylics. A fun experiment. But in order to get that feel I would have to wait for it to dry and then hit it again, and who has time for that.. This is as much as I can do wet into wet with oils right now, thought I would share, I can't scan this stuff, I would be cleaning the scanner for days. So excuse the cell phone pic.
Its my lunch time quickie, and now back to Frankenstein.
 I cut up and old box that was laying around and it works great for these quick oil experiments.


  1. Wow, you did this in a lunch break!

  2. It is easier than what it appears, its very rough and tumble and big areas of paint are easy to cover fast with a big brush. I like to give myself a breather from the more tedious work that is going to be printed. So it was a way to try out stuff without that pressure. I give myself an hour and that is all, its good practice for me. For some reason my brain paints fast, most be the animation training I had. LOL.
    Thank you so much for posting, Lee!

  3. No prob's Frank. Just looking at your work really helps me be more honest with my own work. It helps me focus on the freedom and fun that I know is within me, but that I don't always allow to come through! But, with the help of yourself and a few other fantastic artists...I'm slowly letting go and getting closer to what I know is within. So, thank you!

  4. The wonderful thing about our craft is the never ending learning, most people do not realize that. In order to create something new one has to give it time to evolve, and for the artist to grow. Everything these days moves so fast, as artist to make a living we have to do the same thing again and again. Great for business bad for our soul. I hope we all learn some good stuff tomorrow!
    Thanks Lee.