Thursday, February 12, 2009


 Here are some panels from some of the pages that are being worked on.
 The color is rough and tumble and just to see if everything is reading at this point. When I color the work I like to do it all at once so I can set up a rhythm for the colors, based on emotion, design, and mood, but every once in a while, a panel sticks out when the full page is scanned, and I cant wait to see what a little color will do to it. When I start on the next book, Rocketo Journey to the Broken Moon I would like to paint the entire thing by hand. Right now time is running, and its best to tackle the thing with a bit of computer help.  Although I plan to add some "real" paintings to the covers and to last pages of Journey to the New World, this would be a nice way to end each cliffhanger.
 It's cloudy, windy and looks like rain.. and this is the daily weather cast for lovely grey scaled NYC.

Best to all today.



  1. So darn cool, Frank! Love the colors...such movement.

  2. More great stuff Frank, how do you do it?! :)

  3. I just discovered your blog and am getting antsy for the next Journey. Each reading of The Hidden Sea mezmerizes me and has me wanting more. Truly beautiful work... even the ugly characters are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of your wild animals, too!

    Matt Strawbridge

  4. FRANK!
    i LOVE the third image on this post. but hey! your most recent stuff is from april! what are you waiting for? i need things to look at!

    by the way, i moved to san francisco! where are you now?
    new drawings up on my end, not as playful as the ones you always liked, but i'm learning learning learning. been reading some stuff on david hockney. way cool.