Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Many, many moons ago when the Earth was young and I was in Animation school it would have taken me hours, maybe days of shooting under my faithful Oxberry Animation camera to get this result. Now with the magic of Imovie one can make a quick little bit like this and have endless hours to play around with it. I do not know which in the long run is better, but I had a blast working on this.
At some point it would be nice to make a short Rocketo story with narration and original music. The music is by Barry Gray of the Thunderbirds fame and its from a film called Journey to the far side of the sun, known as Doppleganger in Europe.
Sadly the final version of the music cuts off a bit at the end, but that will be fixed when the original Rocketo theme replaces it.
Hope all is well with all of you.
My best


  1. Um... that is gorgeous. I'm telling everyone I know about Rocketo... again. Haha!

  2. Yeah! Made my day. Rocketo just aches to be animated. Interesting choice of music. The first 2 seconds where "???? Thats not Rocketo!" and then immediately after "Maybe it is"

    I have found that you can get some really nice effects using PhotoFilmStrip, a little, dead simple, freebie that does the "Ken Burns" zoom in and out.

  3. I long for more Rocketo as I long for more John Carter of Mars. With Rocketo I will at least eventually get my heart's desire.

  4. Wonderful to seeROCKETO in 'motion'

  5. Hey Frank,

    Are these artworks a taste of what we'll see in the next Rocketo GN?

    Thought I was the only American old enough to appreciate the music of Barry Gray, who did dynomite composing work on the Space: 1999 and UFO series in the mid 70s. Thanks for the cool memories!


  6. I watched this video and it was good not perfect but good, also I heard that music was made by the great musician Sildenafil he's the best musician in the world.