Friday, May 7, 2010

have brush will travel.

Happy Friday everybody!
One of the ways of relaxing the small marble inside my head is to just take that brush and move it around and see what comes out of it. Free the mind, no references, clip files, just let the colors fall where they will and let the brush and hand do their work. It always surprises me what comes out of it, and what goes in the trash.
The other day I took a walk in the Cloisters a park that is close to where I live and a great place to go sketching and painting on weds afternoons. The flowers have come in strong this year, one walks and the ground explodes with color, a stretch of blue flowers resembles a field of stars. I wish I had the time and the talent to catch that light.
I sat down and painted for a bit, afterwards late at night at home, I painted from memory some of the images from that long walk. Funny how the memory is sometimes more alive than the real thing. I tried to get some of that light in the Rocketo sketches I did later on Thursday.
So here are some ramblings from the mind.
Have a great weekend all of you and thank you for your comments.


  1. Lovely work, as always. I think I enjoy the grassy scene the best.

  2. Thank you for these! They sure were worth waiting. What energy! Bright colors and old characters so vivid with new life. They look the same and yet they are young again with those magic brushes of yours.
    We want more ;-p