Friday, May 28, 2010

helps to get out and paint a bit

Here are some quick sketches from a falling apart sketchbook. I love getting my old bag ready to paint outdoors, limiting my colors, picking my brushes, filling my water bottles and then sitting and waiting for something to hit me and say, " Paint me!"
So many lovely moments out there to capture, not enough time in the day.
The little sketches of people I did while waiting for a friend at a 23st. park during lunch time. Everybody was eating, and talking, moving, walking dogs, reading papers, or just sitting staring their past, present or future. Its a nice time to try to capture people usually they are so busy devouring that burger that they forget that someone is sitting around sketching them. I did not have a lot of time and basically just threw some quick gestures down, not really looking at my paper as much as my subject, I find that doing that teaches me so much.
Later in the week I painted one of my favorite bridges around my neighborhood, the cross bronx bridge, I wanted to capture some of that crazy hectic, energy with blocky clouds and little toy cars, everyone is always rushing somewhere in NYC.
Enjoy and all my best

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