Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A quick sketch

Still on book 2, and had to design some aero gunner that play an important role in keeping Rocketo and his men on their feet. In the Lucernian navy there is this insane pilot that for some reason wants to fly in something as crazy as that, I guess he keeps himself happy by blasting away anything that moves. The thinking was to make it look like some horrific giant fly, the type that hang around in NYC in the summer time.
Back to work. The great little thing about quick little doodles like this is that it frees you up before you work on the page, I liked doing the background for it with a piece of paper towel dipped into the paint and just rubbed in. Quick and dirty but it gets the feeling down and softens up the background.

Best to all.
Tune in later in the week for more stuff.