Monday, August 9, 2010

BOOK 2 panels

So we are into Book 2 now, moving right along as they say. Had a bit of a snag these last couple of days. I ran out of paper and so did the art store, and the online store all at the same time. The perfect storm of paper loss. Left me no choice but to buy a Bristol pad and cut it down to size, while I wait for the paper to come in later this week.
The good news is that I got some nice watercolor paper that will be fun to paint on, for a nice cover or a double page spread.
I been experimenting with tearing up rice paper and painting it into the pages, to give it some textures here and there, here is one of the panels I worked it in.

Funny the panel is a recreation of a scene that happened in Book 1, and it was fun to see it in full color as the scene in the book is all in one color. Naturally Rocketo is having a flash back to that important scene with the Ull.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Back to work.


  1. The thing I love about these pictures is that as a reader not only do I get a picture (and words) but I can see the act of creation - the feel of brush making the mark across the paper seeking the form.

    Great work!

  2. These are some great preview pics.:D
    Can't wait till the next chapter of Rocketo
    is released.

    Thanx for the taste of things to come.

    Best regards.


  3. Thank you all for your comments, as said before it means a lot for an artist working in the batcave of creation. Mike, thanks for your appreciation of the brush, I want to have the art feel like it was done with a human being at the other end of it, and while I love the slick look in many illustrations and comics, I was always drawn personally to the expressionist painters, Paul Cezanne is an artist that I can always learn from among many of the other great artist of the past. I recently went to the MET in NYC and came across this landscape artist named, William Picknell who astounded me with his expressionist brush strokes while retaining this incredible photo realism. Picknell's use of light is stunning, and naturally looking at his work up close is better than JPG's on line but a great artist to study for light.
    If you guys like let me know if you want me to talk and list some of the fine artists that serve as an inspiration.

  4. An inspiration list would be an great thing :)

    Picknells work looks lovely. Wish I could stand in front of them. The tiny web and art book reproductions do a great service to the image but terrible disservice to the act of painting.