Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under the weather...

Been under the weather the last bunch of days, some sort of cold/flu thing. Wow.
One moment I was jumping around the next. Tyson punch.
Anyway hopefully I can add some new stuff soon, but here is more of the pages for the Image book I am working on.

I added some character sketches I did in designing the girl character. You can sort of see the evolution and how it turned out in the finished pages. I like to take pics of the pages as I work on them, for some reason the really crappy quality, helps in seeing how things read. Or if they don't.

The first book has two more pages to go to be finished, so if I could make it to my drawing board, I can knock it out for the weekend.

Also I am going to be displaying some Kirby inspired art very soon at a place in N.J I will give more details as the date approaches. So if anybody is around and wants to come in and chat that would be great.

And there is a lecture at Stanford U that I will be giving so more stuff on that next week, to anybody in the west coast that wants to say hello, that way you can grill me about the new Rocketo book in person.

Best to all. Have a great weekend.
Back to bed.

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