Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The little guy and the escape artist..

Two pieces that I did recently and both of them have gone to very good owners..
 One of them is the great Dr. Henry Pym.. What a great character, Mr. Pym is, or was.. 
I have not read his adventures recently, but I do remember the Mr. Pym that I grew up with. He was a resourceful man, lived on his wits and his intellect, and wanted to be a superhero so bad he would go through multiple identities during his career.  That wonderful idea to shrink and communicate with ants was fun as hell. Considering that insects have so much bio mass on this Earth, one would think that a man who can control them, would really be one of the most powerful forces around.. How can anyone defeat this guy? Yet they laugh.. 

The other fellow is SCOTT FREE!! aka Mr. Miracle! What a name! One of my all time favorite Kirby creations!
 Books can be written on this wonderful character. His birthright has been stolen from him, he has been forced to live within a system that crushes ordinary humans into dust. Still, Scott is so full of that living will for freedom, that not even Granny Goodness and her hordes can crush him. It is amazing mythology and one that touched me as a young man reading his exploits. I am a huge, Harry Houdini fan, and this was the perfect book for me, the ultimate escape artist, plus Gods fighting for the fate of the Earth. 
Classic Kirby! 

Enjoy all!


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