Saturday, May 25, 2013

New World storyboards and sketches.

Here are some Rocketo New World story sketches and boards that I am working on.. 
some of it is in oils, watercolors, pretty much anything that was at hand at the time.
The book is turning out to be a mixture of media, and experiment in many ways for me.
And you all thought I wasn't working on it! 

A page of boards, brush and ink.

Watercolor and india ink.

A storyboard panel 

Small oil sketch for a double page spread.

Small watercolor sketches for splash pages.

Another small oil sketch for double page spread..

concept for ship that is pieced together by Rocketo and Spiro.
Our fearless and very fearful narrator.. Spiro Turnstiles..
Have a great long weekend everyone.
Be safe.


  1. yay again! rocketo returns as well!

  2. These are great, Frank! Very much looking forward to more Rocketo!

  3. Excellent! Can't wait to see the new book!

  4. These are great! Is there a chance they'll be included in the book, bonus features etc?

  5. Well the plan is always to include as much as I can fit in the graphic novel extras. There actually is so much stuff, that a book of it's own will be fun to put together.
    Thank you all!