Saturday, August 27, 2011

stay safe East Coasters.

To all of you on the East Coast, stay dry and safe. Here in NYC its raining and a bit windy.
Stay safe.


  1. These two painting are absolutely amazing. Is the first one a Rocketo image?

  2. Honolulu,
    Thank you so much for your comments!
    Yep they were both done for the New World story, the small one is a study for one of a full page, but I am still playing with it. The character design has changed a bit. The other was a play on a new way I have of working on the pages, I found it really liberating to take the pencil stage out and most if not all the stuff I do now is all direct painting. I feel it makes the stuff loose, and closer to the energy I want to play with.
    By the way I looked at your work and really love it. There is a great feeling of U.P.A's strong design that I love so much, in the work you produce. It would be great to exchange emails.
    Best and thank you.

  3. Fantastic. This stuff is so wonderful and I've been looking through the Rocketo stuff again and am always blown away.
    Thanks for the compliments as well. Old cartoons are a huge influence so I'm glad that shows through.
    Definitely shoot me an email -
    take care,

  4. The Cosmopolitan looks so special! serviced offices india I just love Vegas, but unfortunately did not get to stay at any of those hotels yet