Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello all.
I just got back from Stanford University where I got to meet some fantastic professors, and a great comic artist and fine artist, Marcella Trujillo, who managed to make a quick sketch of me while on a train to visit the San Francisco comic art museum.
The trip was amazing and the scholars who gave their lectures on Latino comics and creators gave me some wonderful insights that I will carry with me for a very long time. So hats off to Hector Hoyos, Angela Becerra, Haerin Shin, Hector Fernandez, Juan Poblete, Vanessa Chang, Ramon Salvidar and Frederick Aldama they made my stay at Stanford feel right at home.
So now I am back and its back to work! I will post more stuff this week.


  1. Carpincho,
    El Eternauta was the subject of a great lecture given by Angela Becerra, it was a wonderful history on this amazing comic, and the story behind the comic, is as fascinating as the comic itself. I love the artwork and the sci-fi story it tells, along with the social political symbols it had.
    It is a comic that deserves more attention. My only joke about it was that nobody in that comic ever cracked a smile! Serious stuff.
    Thanks for your comment.