Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And they are up!!

Had a wonderful morning with all the amazing people that run the Ferragamo flagship NYC store on 5th ave. The windows are full of the graphic novel pages, and we had a fun press conference with some very gifted folks!
Take a look at the windows no matter if you are in Europe, Asia, the United States, even Russia, the Ferragamo stores will be having this great showcase of graphic novel, meets fashion.
Proceeds of comic book sales will benefit "Un Cuore, Un Mondo", a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting and supporting activities directed at helping children suffering from heart disease in Italy and around the world, with particular focus on developing countries, through care, healthcare assistance and charity work. Over seventeen years, "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" has supported more than 2,500 children and set up fourteen projects in twelve countries around the world: Libya, Eritrea, Kenya among many others.
It is a wonderful cause.

Here are some more pages of the graphic novel and others..

Here are some color studies I did. Just to understand the overall color of the pages
     Above a color rough for some of the panels, and the finished page below..

A color study that never made it into the book but did set the tone for one of the panels.

Ferragamo's Hollywood years. I wish I could do an entire graphic novel on this part of his life..

One of the double page spreads in the book, Ferragamo leaving America and returning to, Italy.

Best to all of you!


  1. This work you put up over the last couple of posts is amazing as usual Frank. It's always great to see you putting up new work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much George!
    Great to hear from you again. Sorry for the long delay between post but the real world is tough to run away from.. Best to you!!

  3. Frank, congratulations on the new comic book and thank you for letting us know about it!

    I went to my local Salvatore Ferragamo store (in Costa Mesa, California) for the first time ever today. I ended up buying the exhibition catalogue, "The Amazing Shoemaker," which includes your story. I can't wait to read it!

    It's always great to see new posts from you here, and I'm looking forward to more Rocketo!

    1. Found some copies at the SF store on Union Sq. Great looking stuff Frank!

  4. Hello Frank,

    On Saturday June the 1st I had the pleasure of coming across this gem in the 5th Avenue shop of New York.
    I immediately went into your shop to get a copy of this work.
    I´m a fan of comics and I was by chance spending those days in the BEA (BOOK EXHIBITION FAIS IN NEW YORK)

    I was wondering if you had already thought about developing this masterpiece in digital format. For Stores like Apple, B&N y Amazon.
    We are a company which is specialized in it.
    We develop quality and bespoke eBooks like the Master´s shoes. ^_^

    We are currently working with some of the best world´s publishers like TASCHEN and we´ve also worked with some experts like Mariscal.
    You can check some of our works here >

    We would like to develop this unique piece in digital format too.
    No matter the budget, we just want to do it because we love that idea.

    It´s another dream for us, like the one of Master Ferragamo.

    I hope to hearing from you soon.