Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So, like I was saying...

Hail Fellows, Well met!

Wow, it has been awhile.. So sorry that I been off the world of blog, but so many things kept happening that it was better to sit, concentrate and get the work out.
One of the wonderful projects that I can finally talk about was doing a graphic novel about the life story of Salvatore Ferragamo, the great Italian shoemaker, designer, artist.

It took about three months or so to write, draw, paint and get it all together. The artwork is now the property, and on display at the Ferragamo museum in, Florence, Italy.
I got back a couple of weeks ago from one of those mythological trips that a person takes once in a lifetime. Met some amazing new people, some wonderful artists, and got to tour, Florence and Bologna in a way that both unique and educational.

The graphic novel is at all the Ferragamo stores, or should be, by now, and the Ferragamo company has been amazing in that starting this week, all the stores around the world will change their window displays, and put up the pages of the graphic novel, so go out and take a gander.

Lots more to share, I have a couple of great pics of the Ferragamo Museum show, that I will post later.. no not next year..
But later.
 Right now it is all about saying hello to all you artists out there, and getting back to posting every week something fun and new. Lots of painting was done in the last couple of months, so I hope you all enjoy some of the new work.

Here are some of the interior pages that were done.

Yeah, even high fashion needs Giant Robots..

And here are some pics of the exhibition at the Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

The wonderful Andrea Plazzi one of the magicians of Symmaceo publishing who with his support, along many others: this job sailed like a charm.

Unknown girl the day after the exhibit open.

All the sketches that went into the project was also part of the exhibit, so that one could understand how a graphic novel is put together.


  1. Ah, your back! :) This work looks excellent Frank and I'm looking forward to more updates.

  2. Yay! Glad to see some new stuff! I'm going to have to pick that book up!

  3. yay!!!! i am glad you are ok and doing great.

  4. Back in the saddle as they say.
    Thank you all! There is a lot of stuff to post. Lots of very cool projects on the way.
    All the Ferragamo window displays in all their stores worldwide should have them up, tomorrow I have a small press conference at the Ferragamo NYC store and it should start the ball rolling.

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  6. Frank: Will your GN be available soon in America? Glad to see you back, sir. Yer pal, Wayne!

  7. So glad to see this work and know your back :)

  8. Wow Frank! This is so exciting for you. I'm happy to see you doing great work again. Always a HUGE fan! No matter what. :)