Wednesday, January 7, 2009

here we go again

 Well its been a while since I posted, I been a bit busy running around.
 Now its back to the New World, in the New Year.
 Here is a page from the new series.
The Bomb that the tigerman throws at Spiro is a mutant mind bomb... 
The bomb explodes killing the mutant, whose mind releases a powerful mind blast that creates a sort of gravity free zone for a while... so its actually a gravity bomb as they call them in Rocketo's world.

 This is still in the books, it was too much fun to throw out. That cannot be said for the following pages...

I decided to show some of the old pages that will not be used in the New World. I was lucky enough to take some pics of the different stages. As you can see it all stays very loose until the Indian Ink is put in. I keep the pencils really loose, and then during the ink washes I try for an even looser approach. Letting the inks do their work.

It sounds like madness, and in some ways it could be. But its the only way I can keep the energy of the pages alive.

I must add that, I work out the pages in very detail little comps, but once that is done, I almost seem to forget the comps while I put the pencils and the washes. Although I look closely at the comps when I am putting in the Indian Inks. The reason for the comps is to make sure that things read clear, so when I put in the Indian Inks I want to try to hit some of those notes, there are times the notes are hit, sometimes they are not, the full size page has a rhythm all its own. One must follow the energy of the full size page, and take advantage of all its power.

The following are scenes from an attack on the Chanku Ferry, for those familiar with the books, the Chanku is a giant organic train that travels across the plains. The Chanku attack is still in the books, but toned down a bit, in the old version it would last almost two entire books. Fight scenes are so nice to draw that they can carry you away. But the story and the characters have to come first.

May all of you have a wonderful New Year.


  1. Hey Frank,

    It's really great to see your incredible work in process again. I've sorely missed seeing it on a regular basis. I hope you and family are well and enjoying the New Year!

  2. Glenn!
    Great to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to check out the blog. Best to you and your family this year also.
    Best always.

  3. These are amazing as always Frank, and I am excited to see new Rocketo in the works! I actually tried e-mailing you Sunday night but your earthlink e-mail is no longer active.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I hope to talk to you sometime in the future!


  4. Hola Matt.
    My new email should be on my website but here it is..
    Good to hear from you and those digital paintings you did are fantastic, more..more..
    Best to you

  5. i just know you have a blog Sir! that's fantastic!
    i loved Roketo!
    every line, every shot, every character is simply inspiring!
    thanks for sharing your work!

  6. Frank,
    I just found your blog! I'll be coming here often. 'Love seeing your process/sketch pieces and am very much looking forward to Rocketo's next Journey!

    Happy New Year,


  7. Really, really nice stuff, Frank! Thanks for the peek into your process.


  8. Incredible work. I love the ink work, it's so artistic. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Inspiring as always. I appreciate the energy and looseness in which you work. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the new year.

    All the best,

  10. Thank to all of you, I have some fuel now!

    Thank you