Monday, January 12, 2009


Above is the left hand side of a double page spread..

 This is the right side..

  One of the many joys of working on Rocketo is designing and planning all the different wildlife and creatures that populate it. The Tigermen are my favorite, I imagine them outnumbering the humans about five to one.

 The tigermen have spread their culture from the desert plains, upward into snow mountains filled with mysterious Monasteries, and into hidden jungles deep inside unknown continents. It seems that wherever one goes in the New World, lurks a Tigerman. In designing a complete tribe of them, it was fun coming up with different ways to separate one from another. 
 Color, dress, even how advanced one tribe is from another makes a difference and helps to sell the idea that this is a complete world.
 So as I read everything I can about different cultures around our planet, I bury my nose to the board to help design the tribes of the Plains.
I put up a double page spread from one of the opening shots of the New Series. It tells about the attack on the Chanku ferry, by the Tigermen of the plains. Have fun putting it together!

 I sketched this out, in detail, and then like always, just started drawing.
One can see where I have not erased the lines around the inks, as this is not a final scan. You can see where I just went off the drawing underneath to follow a different emotional lead.
During a recent tribe to the NY Natural History Museum, which in a way is one of the visual guides for the Mapping Guild itself, I came across some great designs that sneak into the Tigerman culture. Thousands of years of culture cannot be made up in a single instant, so going to the Museum and snooping around is the best way to jump start an idea when one has hit the wall.

I also added the inked page of one of the pages that was posted before that had just washes.




  1. Beautiful work Frank!

  2. Hola Paul..
    Thank you so much! Bit by bit something weird will come out, of all this mess.

    Thank you always.


  3. Brilliant as usual, Frank. I love the movement and expression you can capture with your brush. So much energy. Palpable.

  4. Whoo! I just found this blog! Some really great stuff on here.

    Belukha looks amazing. I got a million ideas running through my head too. Not enough hours to get them down.

    Big fan!

  5. First off I'd like to say your work has been a huge inspiration to me. So much so that I've taken up the brush, and the ink wash myself and now ink seems to flow through my veins. It is a medium that continues to surprise.

    I eagerly look forward to the New World and thank you for showing me something different.

    Lastly, an art geek question. For the paintings you have up are you using watercolor or is it something else? Thanx.

  6. Hello Mark,
    Thanks for the question.
    The medium I use is Acrylics... I like them because they dry fast! Which is the reason why some people hate them. But I find you can do a lot with them, go all nice and watery or a bit thicker like oils. The Wiinsor and Newton ones are the best.
    Thank you.


  7. I hope we can read soon a story upon the incredible Tygermen!

  8. wow Frank way to go!
    hey happy new year by the way.