Sunday, January 25, 2009


 It feels like a Marlin chase now..
 Where will I wind up? Like Santiago says.. "I have gone to far out." That is were I want to take Santiago, to far out. I took a break, hit some more sketches.. the more I draw of Santiago, "Not enough" keeps repeating in my mind.. This guy is taking me out to sea.  What a blast.



  1. i love the freedom in your drawings, is 100% creativity! were is the secret? how to smash down all those mind walls?

  2. Awesome Frank. What paper are you using for this pieces? It looks great.

  3. Blackaller.. I am using a Fabriano Artists journal, it comes with some different color papers, the texture is a bit rough, but fun to work on.
    I don't think they made the paper for Acrylic, use but I am pushing it to its limit... So its fun. At some point the whole pad will explode.
    And Flaviano.. I think I am always in a hurry to get something to eat! Have fun with it.
    Best and thanks

  4. Frank, very impressive. I always admire your creativity and focus.

    I still have the Rocketo comic you gave me. I will treasure it. Keep up the good work!

    Frank [aka Fidel]